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The stance is the way or direction a skater stands on the board. Left foot in front is Regular stance, while right foot first is Goofy stance.

Also known as: Regular Stance / Goofy Stance / Switch Stance


Wich stance the riders has is a matter of preference, and what feels natural.


Regular stance is when the rider has his left foot in front, and the right foot on the tail of the board.


Goofy stance is when the rider has his right foot in front, and the left foot on the tail of the board


Switch stance is when the skater rides in the opposite stance of whats normal to them.


The terms Regular and Goofy comes from surfing, where surfers who have a right foot forward stance are known as goofy-footers, or simply goofy surfers. [1]


1] Studies in English, Page 30 Published 1970

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