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The Savannah Slamma Video (1988 - )

Footage from the Savannah Slamma contest.

Also known as: Savannah Slamma / Savanna Slamma I / Savannah Slamma 1



The Savannah Slamma II video documents first Savannah Slamma contest held in 1987.


Adrian Demain
Arron Murray
Bill Danforth
Bryce Kanights
Chris Baucom
Chris Cook
Christian Hosoi
Claus Grabke
Corey O Brien
Eddie Elguera
Eric Dressen
Gary Scott Davis
Jeff Kendall
Jesse Martinez
John Grigley
John Lucero
John Thomas
Johnee Kop
Jon Tryer
Ken McGuire
Kevin Staab
Lance Mountain
Mark Gonzales
Mike McGill
Mike Vallely
Monte Nolder
Natas Kaupas
Neil Blender
Per Welinder
Rob Roskopp
Sam Cunningham
Steve Caballero
Steve Rocco
Tommy Guerrero
Tony Hawk

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Savannah Slamma 1987 Results and Footage [1/4/2014]
Here are results from the first Savannah Slamma contest, held in August at the Civic Centre Arena in 1987, and the full Savannah Slamma video documenting it.


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