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Eddie Elguera is an American skateboarder.

Also known as: El Gato [nickname]


Eddie Elguera was born November 12, 1962 in Bellflower, California, USA.


His stance is regular.


Eddie Elguera is a 2-time world champion skateboarder.

1980: 01 - Gold Cup Series of skateboarding
1979: 01 - US Amateur Skateboard Association Champion


???? - xxxx: Hosoi Skates
???? - ????: Osiris Shoes
xxxx - xxxx: Independent Trucks
???? - ????: Jimmy Z
???? - xxxx: S-One Helmets
xxxx - xxxx: 187 Pads
xxxx - xxxx: SoCal Skateshop
???? - ????: Pizzanista!
???? - xxxx: El Gato Classic
???? - xxxx: Vans Shoes
???? - xxxx: Evoke
???? - xxxx: Bones Wheels
???? - xxxx: Bones Bearings
???? - xxxx: Pig Rails
???? - xxxx: Rock Church


1988: The Savannah Slamma Video
1988: Savannah Slamma II Video


Eddie Elguera is credited with inventing the Frontside Rock n Roll in 1979, and the Elguerial.


Elguera is married to Dawna Elguera. He has three sons, Malachi, Christopher, and Isaac, and two daughters, Melissa and Lana.


In 1983, Elguera became a born-again Christian.

Eddie Elguera is a Senior Pastor of The Rock Church of Coachella Valley, in the Palm Springs area of Southern California.


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