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Monsoon (2010 - )

Monsoon is a Norwegian skateboard movie from Bernhard Sports.

Also known as: The Bernhard Video


Full Parts:

Erik Johnsen
August Engmark
Frederic Esnault
Tom Erik Ryen
Thomas Kahlbom
Mats Elvsveen
Michael Sommer


Henrik Lund
Marcus Shaw
Karsten Kleppan
Jan Henrik Kongstein
リyvind Nissen
Nicholas Hansen
Petter Lindeland
Anders Solli
Kim Patrick Karlsen
Gustav Tnnesen
And others


Below are some of the spots skated in the movie.

  • Arbeidersamfunnets Plass
  • Eidsvolls Plass
  • Vestkantbadet
  • Telenor Expo Fornebu
  • Obos Bygget
  • Megazone Stairs
  • Norges Rde Kors
  • Ibsen Kvartalet
  • Frognerparken
  • Vika Parkeringshus
  • Nydalen Ball Court
  • Oslo R蘚hus
  • Falck Ytters Plass
  • Sommerfrydhagen
  • Oslo Vestbanestasjon
  • Vinkelplassen
  • Industrien og Eksportens Hus
  • Wergelandsveien 1-3
  • Kronprinsesse Marthas plass 1
  • Voldslkka Skatepark
  • Hyskolen i Oslo
  • Kolben Kulturhus
  • Festplassen i Bergen

    Made by Erik Johnsen
    for Bernhard Sports.

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