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Grant Taylor is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as:


Grant Taylor is from Atlanta, GA.


His stance is goofy.


2009: Alien Workshop [pro]
Nike SB


2009: Debacle


2011: Thrasher Skater of the Year
2010: TWS Awards [Best Transition]

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BTA: Grant Taylor for Independent [15/4/2019]
Yup thats right. Grant mother f*?kn Taylor.

GTXX Down South In Hell [29/11/2018]
GTs been on Volcom since he was a grom. Check this documentary about one of the gnarliest skaters on the planet and his 20 year run with the Stone. Heres to XX more, dudes!

Volcom 20 Years of Skateboarding with Grant Taylor [7/10/2018]
Volcom is proud to present a groundbreaking documentary highlighting Grant Taylors 20 years with Volcom as one of the greatest skateboarders of all time!


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2014: Welcome Videos
Grant Taylor Rides For Antihero
Play This Video

2011: Various
Grant Taylor Thrasher SOTY 2011
Play This Video


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2009: Advertisments: Show Picture
Alien Workshop welcomes Grant Taylor to their pro team.

Go Fish:

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Bio in Ohio Video [17/2/2019]
Lazy river? Private waterpark? Sometimes you dont ask too many questions, you just gotta go while you have the chance. Regardless, this thing was deeeeeep.

Indy Sydenham Demo 2019 Footage [9/1/2019]
Heavy crew of Independent Trucks team riders putting on a demo in Down Unda in Sydenham

Spitfire Wheels 2018 Greatest Hits And Misses [1/1/2019]
2018 was a heavy year for the Spitfire crew. Passing the torch from SOTY to SOTY and burning down every spot from San Francisco to Ecuador.

Commercial: Grant Taylor Nike SB Bruised Peach [6/10/2018]
GT for GA. Grant charges in his latest Blazer, the Bruised Peach, a nod to his southern roots.

Charred Remains: Arson Dept II [15/2/2018]
The Spitfire team keep burning through the Bay Area.

Full Video: Arson Department II [31/1/2018]
The Spitfire Wheels team keep burning through the Bay Area.

CPH Open 2017 Bowl Footage [2/8/2017]
Jonathan Mcdermid has some footage from the Copenhagen Open bowl contest.

CPH Open 2017 Skate Gang Footage [2/8/2017]
Witness the madness that went down at CPH OPEN 2017.

CPH Open 2017 Results and Footage [1/8/2017]
Here are the results and footage from this years Copenhagen open.

Vans Park Series 2017 Sydney Extras Footage [23/3/2017]
Check out all these gnarly extras from the VPS Sydney Global Qualifier.

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