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Tom Asta is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as:


Tom Asta was born January 12th, 1990, in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, United States of America. [1]


He started skateboarding after borrowing a toy store board from a friend and learning how to ollie. He later got a real skateboard from his parents for christmas. [1]

His stance is regular.


2012: 14 - Street League Final Ranking


???? - ????: G-Spot Skateshop
2010 - 201?: LRG Clothing Company
2010 - 201?: Mystery Skateboards
2010 - 201?: LRG Clothing
2010 - 201?: Spitfire Wheels
2011 - 201?: PIIQ Headphones
201? - 201?: Fallen Footwear
201? - 201?: Reign Skateshop
201? - xxxx: Thunder Trucks
201? - xxxx: eS Footwear
2015 - xxxx: Santa Cruz Skateboards
201? - xxxx: Ricta Wheels
201? - xxxx: Bronson Speed Co
201? - xxxx: Mob Grip
201? - xxxx: Arcade Belts
201? - xxxx: Kershaw Knives


2009: Strange World


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1] Tom Asta Street League Interview Added 08-10-2014


2014 - xxxx: []
201? - xxxx: Instagram []

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Welcome to the Team: Tom Asta from Santa Cruz Skateboards
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2010: Various
Here is a clip of Tom Asta sessioning a rail in 2010.
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