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Dennis Busenitz (1981 - )

Dennis Busenitz is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as: Dennis Busenitzs / Schnitzle [nickname] Booze 誰 Tits [nickname]



Dennis Busenitz was born Sep 29, 1981 in Newton, Kansas, but lived with his parents in Germany for 13 years. He has since moved to San Francisco, California.


He started skateboarding after his dad took the tv away, and he had nothing else to do. His stance is goofy.


2006: Adidas
xxxx: Real
xxxx: Volcom
xxxx: Utility
xxxx: Spitfire
xxxx: Thunder
xxxx: Huf


2005: Skate More
2016: Away Days


2006: Transworld Skateboarding Awards Street Skater of the Year

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Celebrating his 10th anniversary on adidas, Dennis Busenitz visited his hometown Munich and the spots where he started skating.

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New Dennis Busenitz Fort Miley footage for the release of Spitfires newest Formula Four Unbeatable Lasting Performance Urethane.
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