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Tony Hawk: Ride (2009 - )

Tony Hawk Ride is a skateboarding console game featuring Tony Hawk.

Also known as: Tony Hawk Ride


Made By:



Brooklyn Banks

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Tony Hawk Ride [16/5/2009]
Tony Hawks new game includes a skateboard deck controller with motion sensors. Here is some information and videos.


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2010: Various
Todd Richards stops by Tony Hawks house to play the Tony Hawk: RIDE video game before its available in stores.
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2009: Trailers and Clips
Mike-Mo TONY HAWK Ride Interview
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2009: Trailers and Clips
This video contains actual gameplay from tony hawks new game, also ryan sheckler and the birdman himself talk about the product!
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2009: Gadgets: Show Picture
Tony Hawk Ride controller.

Go Fish:

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