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Daryl Angel (1987 - )

Daryl Angel is an American skateboarder, originally from New Mexico.

Also known as: Lil Daryl [nickname] / Lil D [nickname] / Lil Diesel [nickname]



Daryl Angel was born 17th April 1987, in Las Vegas, New Mexico, but moved to San Jose, California at the age of two.


His started skateboarding after his older brother Tobias gave him a Juice skateboard deck. His stance is regular.


2010: Habitat Skateboards [Pro Team]
2009: Habitat Skateboards [Am Team]
xxxx: Royal Skateboard Truck Company
xxxx: Nike SB Am Team
xxxx: Swiss Bones Bearings
xxxx: Spitfire Wheels
xxxx: Mob Grip
xxxx: Skate Mental


2009: Debacle
2015: We Are Blood

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Daryl Angel and Guru Khalsa Habitat Skateboards Pro avertisment.

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Daryl Angel for Habitat

2009: Advertisments: Show Picture
Daryl Angel on Habitat Skateboards Ad.

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