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Analog Clothing (1999 - )

Analog is a mens clothing and outerwear company based in Irvine, CA.

Also known as:


Snow Team:

Alex Andrews
Zak Hale
Trevor Andrew
Mikkel Bang
Danny Davis

Skate Team:

Sammy Winter
Steve Forstner
Stefan Janoski
Dylan Rieder
Arto Saari

Surf Team:

Skip McCullough
Dege Oconnel
PJ Raia
Eli Olson
Nick Fowler
Bobby Okvist
Jason Harris
Josh Hoyer
Fergal Smith
Kamalei Alexander
Koby Abberton
Benji Weatherley
Chippa Wilson
Nathan Fletcher


Analog was created in 1999 as an offshoot of Burton Outerwear.

In 2003 Analog added a streetwear component to its line, followed by surf apparel, a surf team and an Analog skate platform.

In 2012 Burton announced the transition out of Analog skate and surf apparel by fall of 2013.


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The Burton Restructure [1/11/2012]
Last month Burton Snowboards announced that they are restructuring the company to focus more on their core businessl, including closing and scaling down some of their brands.

Josh Pall on Analog [15/8/2012]
Analog Clothing has welcomed Josh Pall to the team. Here is a clip.

Analog Wheel Wash [22/9/2010]
Analog is introducing a new wash in their Spring 2011 denim collection, and are enlisting contributors. Here is some information.


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2011: Interviews
History of Analog Clothing: Legendary Dave Downing sat down with The House Boardshop to give us a run-thru of the birth of Analog clothing from inception to the major outerwear and clothing brand its become today.
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2012: Welcome Videos
Finding Your Feet featuring Dylan Rieder, Sammy Winter & Josh Pall by Analog Australia - Josh Pall undergoes his Gravis initiation joining Dylan Rieder & Sammy Winter on Australian shores, Autumn 2012. Filmed & Edited By: Leigh Bolton.
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2010: Various
Analog Skate Team 2010 by Analog Clothing - Featuring Dylan Rieder, Jon Goemann, Sam Winter, Arto Saari, Luke Croker, Stefan Janoski and Steve Forstner. See more at
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2010: Various: Show Picture
Analog Wheel Wash Denim Contributor T-Shirt.

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