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Stemmen Skatepark (2009 - )

Stemmen Skatepark is an outdoor skatepark in Rogaland, Norway.

Also known as: Stemmen Miniramp / Kvernaland Miniramp / Kverneland Skatepark / Kvernaland Skatepark / Kvereland Skatepark / Time Skatepark



Stemmen Skatepark was built in 2009, to replace the old Stemmen Miniramp.


Miniramp with spine, extensions and transfer to street area. Street area with concrete obstacles on an asphalt surface. Pyramid with ledge, flatrail, manualpad and boxes.



Gamle ナslandsvegen 7, 4355 Kvernaland, Norway.


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The skatepark at stemmen got some new obstacles.

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Monument Skateboards team rider Roar Kolnes puts down some quick tricks on the new feature at Kverneland Skatepark.

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Plans for the new skatepark at Stemmne.

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