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Dave Bachinsky (1986 - )

Dave Bachinsky is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as:



Dave Bachinsky was born March 6th, 1986, in St Louis, Missouri, but at age five he moved with his family to Lowell, Massachusetts, USA.


Dave Bachinsky got his first skateboard from his uncle when he was two years old. [1]

His stance is regular.


Dave Bachinsky has been skating contests since 2004. [1]


Dave Bachinsky got his first sponsor by the age of 16. [1] He turned pro with City Skateboards in 2008. [2]

20?? - 20??: City Skateboards
???? - ????: Adidas
2005 - xxxx: Venture Truck Company
2007 - 20??: Hubba Wheels
2010 - 201?: Think Skateboards
2010 - 2013: Vox Footwear
2012 - xxxx: OC Ramps
2013 - 201?: Axion Footwear
2015 - xxxx: Darkstar Skateboards
???? - xxxx: FKD
???? - xxxx: Grizzly Griptape
???? - xxxx: Pioneer Skate Shop
???? - xxxx: Key Street Clothing
???? - xxxx: Outdoor Tech
???? - xxxx: Nectar
???? - xxxx: Hi Ball Energy


Dave Bachinsky has been featred in several skateboard videos.

2006: Our Life
2015: We Are Blood


Below are the sources referenced in the text. Go to the Dave Bachinsky articles for more information.

1] Dave Bachinsky Street League Profile Added 08-09-2017
2] City Pro Dave Bachinsky Added 12-05-2008


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