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Portland is a city located in the Northwestern United States, near the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia rivers in the state of Oregon.

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GSD 2019 Portland Longest Wallride Contest [6/7/2019]
For Go Skateboarding Day this year, CCS teamed up with Creature to see how far they could push the local crew on their favorite local wall.

Grotto Lotto 2019 Footage [14/5/2019]
Invite only, no instagooning during the event and nothing but good times. The skating was on another level, but Suciu, Louie Lo and Ishod show why theyre cream of the crop.

Go Skateboarding Day 2018 USA TWS Footage [4/7/2018]
Go Skateboarding Day 2018: Portland, Tampa, Santa Cruz, Minneapolis, Charlotte.


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2013: Skateboard Parts
The Sebo Walker Portland Experience. Filmed and edited in Portland, Oregon by Tom Bender. Additional HD filming by Jeff Halstad. Graphics by Huy Nguyen. Also featuring guest tricks from Dane Brady and Brian Baca.
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2011: Tour Videos
5 Days in Portland by DAKINE - The Portland stop of the Dew Tour had another gnarly concrete bowl contest go down. While the DAKINE guys were there we loaded up the van and headed to the "Funnest place on Earth", Windells. Portland in the summer is amazing and all the boys killed it.
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Vans Park Series Huntington Beach Bowl Artists [6/8/2018]
At every stop of the Vans Park Series unique artists from each region are curated to custom paint the park terrain.

Lifeblood Shuts Down Business [9/10/2017]
Unheard Distribution has announced that Lifeblood Skateboards made the decision to shut down its current business, and take a hiatus to determine whether to carry forward in the future.

CCS Opens Shop In Portland [4/8/2017]
After years of bouncing from one owner to another, one of the oldest names in skateboarding has found its home in Portland.

Go Skateboarding Day 2017 CCS Footage [28/6/2017]
If a skateboard trick only takes you about one second to perform and you can get a free slice of pizza for that skateboard trick, then that means you couldve got 3,600 slices of pizza an hour if you were some sort of super human. This is the kind of math CCS ended up doing this year on Go Skateboarding Day!

Dougherty Field Skatepark Plans [1/6/2017]
Portlands Dougherty Field skate park may double in size.

Portland Skatepark Expansion Proposal [31/5/2017]
Portland outlines proposal for $300,000 skateboard park expansion

Girls Combi Pool Classic 2017 Results and Footage [24/1/2017]
Here are results and footage from the Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic 2017.

Will Burnside Skatepark Survive? [26/4/2016]
Burnside Skatepark is located in one of the fastest-changing neighborhoods in Portland, and is facing threats from new development and plans to upgrade the Burnside Bridge. But skaters have hope that it will thrive, and some are even talking about having getting it listed as a historic landmark.

WITP 2015 Global Finals [17/10/2015]
The global finals of this years Wild in the Parks is being held at The Berrics Saturday 17. October 2015.

Portland to demolish popular DIY skatepark [30/4/2015]
The city of Portland has decided to demolish the popular DIY skatepark at Peaks Island, because it was constructed without proper permits and in violation of a conservation easement.

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2010: Advertisments [1/8/2010]