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Adidas AG is a German sports apparel manufacturer and part of the Adidas Group, which consists of Reebok sportswear company, TaylorMade-adidas golf company, and Rockport.

Also known as:


Besides sports footwear, the company also produces other products such as bags, shirts, watches, eyewear and other sports and clothing related goods.

Skateboard Team:

2009 Pete Eldridge
xxxx: Mark Gonzales
xxxx: Dennis Busenitz
2006 - 2012: Tim o Connor
2005: Richard Angelides
xxxx: Silas Baxter-Neal
xxxx: Dave Bachinsky
xxxx: Benny Fairfax
xxxx: Nestor Judkins
xxxx: Lem Villemin
xxxx: Vince Del Valle

Europe Team:

xxxx: Chewy Cannon [UK]
xxxx: Gunes Ozdogan [Spain]
xxxx: Raul Navarro [Spain]
xxxx: Marcos Gomez [Spain]
xxxx: Petr Horvat [Czezh Republic]
xxxx: Julien Bachelier [France]
xxxx: Sebasatien Daurel [France]
xxxx: Jeremy Reinhard [Germany]

Norway Team:

20??: Magnus Bordewick
20??: Gustav Tnnesen
20??: リyvind Nissen
20??: Ulrik Alm蚶
20??: Kris Barkley
20??: Anders Paulsberg
20??: Erik Nordli
2009: Stian Sannerud [team manager]


2009: Diagonal
2006: Korean Dance


1924: Adolf Dassler starts Gebrder Dassler Schuhfabrik with his brother Rudolf (Rudi) Dassler.
1947: Rudolf Dassler leaves to form Puma.
1949: The company formally registered as adidas AG.
1989: Bernard Tapie buys Adidas for 1.6 billion French francs.
1992: Cr馘it Lyonnais bank converts outstanding debt into equity of the enterprise
1993: Cr馘it Lyonnais sold Adidas to Robert Louis-Dreyfus.
1997: Adidas AG acquired the Salomon Group.
2005: Adidas AG buy British rival Reebok for $3.8 billion (US).

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Take to the streets of Paris for the release of the new Campus ADV.

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The German adidas squad in Berlin.

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From Notre-Dame to R駱ublique and everywhere in between, Oh L L Paname follows the adidas team through the the streets of Paris.


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Snoop X Gonz /// L.A. Stories from adidas Skateboarding
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Daewon Song, Dennis Busenitz & More - Adidas Demo LA
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Adidas Snowboarding Commercial.

2012: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Adidas Norway Tour

2011: Advertisments: Show Picture
Lucas Puig joins Mark Gonzales, Dennis Busenitz, Silas Baxter-Neal and Gyspea guest Benny Fairfax on the Adidas pro team.

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Mark Gonzales /// Aloha Super [19/8/2018]
In celebration of two decades of working together, adidas Skateboarding and Mark Gonzales hosted Showcase X at Milk Studios in New York City to celebrate creativity and freedom of expression.

Full Part: Magnus Bordewick adidas Part [1/6/2018]
Magnus is the first full-length adidas Skateboarding part by Magnus Bordewick. From his hometown of Oslo, Magnus traveled to Philadelphia, Spain and Taiwan with fellow teammates, Heitor da Silva and Hermann Stene to film the part. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Full Part: Diego Najera Adelante [26/4/2018]
Adelante is the first full-length adidas Skateboarding part from Diego N疔era.

Mark Gonzales Hypebeast Interview [20/4/2018]
Gonz also discusses new tricks, listening to Lorde when he skates, and more.

Nora Vasconcellow High Snobiety Interview [11/1/2018]
Nora Vasconcellow High Snobiety Interview.

Populist 2017: Miles Silvas [11/1/2018]
Here is Miles Silvas Populist 2017 video.

adidas Skate Copa Court 2017 Europe Footage [9/8/2017]
Join the adidas Skateboarding team as they travel through Europe during the Skate Copa Court tour. Between London, Paris and Berlin, skateboard communities came together for multiple days of fun wrapped up in demos and best trick contests.

Mjsskate 2017 Stop 3 Results [9/7/2017]
Here are the results from Lillehammer, the third stop of the Mjsskate contest series.

adidas Skate Copa 2017 London Footage [7/7/2017]
Highlights of the adidas Skate Copa Court event in Shoreditch, London.

adidas Skate Copa 2017 Berlin Flatspot Footage [7/7/2017]
Flatspot Magazine footage from Skate Copa in Berlin, hosted by Lem Villemin.

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2015: Advertisments [21/10/2015]

2015: Advertisments [21/10/2015]

2015: Advertisments [21/10/2015]

2015: Advertisments [21/10/2015]

2015: Advertisments [21/10/2015]

2015: Advertisments [21/10/2015]

2015: Advertisments [21/10/2015]

2015: Advertisments [21/10/2015]

2015: Advertisments [21/10/2015]

2015: Advertisments [21/10/2015]