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Jagger Eaton (2001 - )

Jagger Eaton is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as:



Jagger Eaton was born 21. February 2001, in Mesa, Arizona, United States of America. [1]


Jagger Eaton started skateboarding at the age of four, after his dad got him a skateboard for Christmas. [2]

His stance is regular.


At just 11 years old, Eaton made history as the youngest participant in the X Games. [2]

2011: 06 - Damn Am Woodward West
2012: 09 - Dew Tour Ocean City Mega 2.0
2012: 12 - X Games Los Angeles Big Air
2012: 03 - Tampa Am
2013: 04 - X Games Munich Big Air
2013: 06 - X Games Barcelona Big Air
2013: 04 - X Games Los Angeles Big Air
2013: 03 - Kimberly Diamond Cup Big Air
2013: 01 - Kimberly Diamond Cup Big Air Best Trick Gap Competition
2014: 08 - X Games Austin Big Air
2014: 01 - Tampa Am
2015: 01 - Boardr Am Houston
2015: 04 - Phx Am
2015: 03 - AST Dew Tour Team Contest
2016: 03 - X Games Austin Street Amateur

2017: 01 - X Games Minneapolis Street Amateur
2017: 08 - Vans Park Series Huntington Beach
2018: 01 - Simple Session


2008 - xxxx: KTR
2??? - xxxx: Plan B Skateboards
2??? - xxxx: Bones Bearings
2??? - xxxx: Bones Wheels
2??? - xxxx: Independent Trucs
2??? - xxxx: Redbull


Jagger Eaton had his own show, called Jagger Eatons Mega Life, on Nickelodeon. He has also appeared on the MTV shows Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness. [2]



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