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Ben Raemers

Ben Raemers is an English skateboarder.

Also known as: Benny Boy [nickname]



Ben Raemers is from Colchester, England.


2006 - xxxx: Volcom Europe
2008 - xxxx: Enjoi Skateboarding
20?? - 20??: Consolidated Skateboards
20?? - - xxxx: Converse
20?? - - xxxx: Volcom
20?? - - xxxx: Lost Arts Shop
20?? - - xxxx: Independent
20?? - - xxxx: Castle bolts
20?? - - xxxx: OJ Wheels
20?? - - xxxx: Mob grip


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RIP Ben Raemers 1990-2019 [19/5/2019]
RIP Ben Raemers 1990-2019

Team Update: Bean Raemers with Slam City Skates [15/4/2018]
Ben Raemers welcome to the Slam team.

King of the Road 2016 Teams [15/10/2016]
Thrasher has announced the King of the Road season 2 team profiles.


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2013: Zombieland Skatepark
Ben Raemers and Neil Smith throws together a couple of lines - drawn out and doubled up - for your viewing pleasure at the Zombieland Skatepark, Essex, UK.
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2011: Welcome Videos
Part 3. 餞 Ben Raemers. Boy Genius
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2011: Welcome Videos
Part 2. 餞 Ben Raemers. Bad Luck Ben
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2010: People: Show Picture
Ben Raemers 鏨 Footwear

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Tour Footage: Volcom Road Rager in Italy 2018 [12/8/2018]
A few months back the Volcom crew jumped in the van and trekked across Italy. They picked up Martino Cattaneo on the way as a tour guide and by the end of the trip he was on the team.

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Bright European Skateboard Awards 2013 [13/1/2013]
The second annual Bright European Skateboard Awards ceremony will take place in Berlin痴 Babylon Kino, on Thursday, January 17, 2013.

Trick Tip: Backside Crailslide With Ben Raemers [1/10/2012]
Trick-A-Day: Backside Crailslide With Ben Raemers

Costal Carnage 2012 Results and Footage [19/8/2012]
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