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Expedition is an American skateboard company.

Also known as: Expedition One


Expediton One was started in 1997, out of Carlsbad, California. The name has since been shortened to Expedition. It is part of Kayo Corp Distribution.

Pro Team:

???? - xxxx: Chany Jeanguenin
???? - xxxx: Richard Angelides
2007 - 2016: Joey Pepper
2007 - xxxx: Rob Welsh
2003 - xxxx: Ryan Gallant
2010 - xxxx: Matt Miller
2010 - xxxx: Kenny Hoyle
2012 - 2016: Zered Bassett
2013 - xxxx: Spencer Hamilton
2014 - 2016: Tom Remillard

Am Team:

2004 - 2010: Kelly Hart
???? - 2013: Spencer Hamilton
2005 - 20??: Enrique Lorenzo
2005 - 2010: Kenny Hoyle
2010 - 2010: Matt Miller
2011 - xxxx: Taylor McClung
2013 - 2014: Tom Remillard
2013 - xxxx: Chris Brunner
2013 - xxxx: Pierce Brunner
2014 - xxxx: Dylan Witkin
2014 - 2016: Frankie Heck

European Team:

2007 - 20??: Henning Braaten
2008 - 20??: Michael Sommer


2000: Video Out Soon
2001: Alone
2009: Hello Hello Hello
2010: Madness
2014: Gone Fishing


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Team Update: Expedition [14/5/2016]
Expediton has now lost three pros and one am in 2016.

Tom Remillard Pro with Expedition [30/1/2014]
Tom Remillard has turned pro with Expedition One.

Expedition One Our First Rodeo 2013 Tour Footage [6/11/2013]
Expedition-one shows you their travels through Texas this summer.


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2014: Skateboard Movies
Expedition One - Gone Fishing - Full Video
Play This Video

2013: Tour Videos
Expedition-one would like to welcome you to come out to "Our First Rodeo", showing our travels through Texas this summer.
Play This Video

2013: Commercials
Expedition quenches your thirst with this new Zered Bassett pro model. Pick on up today take a sip in the streets.
Play This Video


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2012: Advertisments: Show Picture
Zered Basset on Expedition One.

2010: Advertisments: Show Picture
Matt Miller Pro With Expedition Advertisment.

2008: Advertisments: Show Picture
Henning Braaten on Expedition One Flyer.

Go Fish:

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Children of the Sun Tour Footage 2015 [20/3/2015]
The Red Bull squadron went to Kyrgyzstan on a new kind of expedition amid spectacular scenery, to put wheels on terrain rarely ever skated.

Spotcheck: Nydalsdammen Wallride May 2013 [27/5/2013]
Here is a quick spotcheck from Nydalsdammen in Oslo, Norway.

Nixon Surf Challenge 2011 Results and Footage [1/5/2011]
The tenth annual Nixon Surf Challenge was held in Lofoten last month. Here are the results and footage from the event.

Mike V Back With Airwalk [17/4/2011]
According to a press release, Mike Vallely has returned to the brand he rode for in 1988 to help design limited-edition products for the brands 25th anniversary collection.

Kenny Hoyle Pro With Expedition One [3/12/2010]
Kenny Hoyle has turned pro with Expediton One. Here is some information on the update.

Rotterdam Grandprix of Skateboarding 2009 Results [23/7/2009]
The Rotterdam Grandprix of Skateboarding was held last weekend. Here are the results from the event.

Henning on EXP-1 [6/8/2007]
Henning Braaten has joined the Expedition One Europe team. Here is some information on the involved parties.

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2010: Various [3/12/2010]

2010: Advertisments [7/6/2010]

2008: Advertisments [5/1/2009]