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Chet Childress

Chet Childress is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as:



Chet Childress was born November 29, 1974, in North Carolina, USA.


His stance is regular.


2003: Blackout
2009: God Save The Label


xxxx: Heroin Skateboards
xxxx: Nike SB
xxxx: Independent
xxxx: Independent Genuine Parts
xxxx: Black Label Skateboards
xxxx: Six Gun
xxxx: 1984
xxxx: Smith
xxxx: NC Skates
xxxx: Old Scratch
xxxx: OJ Wheels
xxxx: Poler
xxxx: Stumptown Coffee

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Chet Childress, Missing Mattress. [11/10/2016]
Chet is out there somewhere, living, skating, making his art. Lost or Found? Who can tell? This short film by Clark Hodgin and Matt Miller is a snapshot of Chet.

Chet Childress on Heroin [23/6/2012]
Heroin Skateboards has welcomed Chet Childress to the team. Here is some information.

New Black Label Team 2006 [6/12/2005]
Black Label Skateboards has announced that they are taking a new direcion including some major changes to their team roster. Here is some information.


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2011: Various
Chet Childress Parts Ways with Black Label by
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2007: Various
Chet Childress- Backwash
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2012: Advertisments: Show Picture
Chet Childress for Heroin Skateboards

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In a small town called Wrgl, located in the tyrol alps between the riptide of the Inn and landscapes that spreads subtle vibes as soon as you cross the border, you will find a handcrafted skatepark being one of the best in its field.

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First public skatepark built in India [23/9/2013]
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