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Daniel Shimizu (1981 - )

Daniel Shimizu is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as:



Daniel Shimizu was born March 10th, 1981, in Rosemead, California, USA.


His stance is regular.


2012 - xxxx: Heroin Skateboards
???? - xxxx: Hi Fidelity
???? - xxxx: WeSC
???? - xxxx: Insight
???? - xxxx: Nike SB
???? - ????: Foundation Skateboards
2008 - ????: Bummer High Skateboards
2005 - ????: Stereo Skateboards
???? - ????: Formula One skateboards

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Baker accused of profitting on racism [9/8/2012]
Baker Skateboards has upset the asian community with the release of their new Gooks of Hazard graphic.

Daniel Shimizu on Heroin [29/5/2012]
Heroin Skateboards has welcomed Daniel Shimizu to their pro team. Here is some information.

Daniel Shimizu To Bummer High [20/10/2008]
After leaving Stereo Sound Agency earlier this month, Daniel Shimizu is now with Bummer High Skateboards. Here is some information on the current Bummer High team members.


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2001: Advertisments: Show Picture
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The Nine Club Episode 148 Daniel Shimizu [3/6/2019]
Daniel Shimizu discusses growing up in Rosemead CA, getting on Foundation Skateboards, getting asked to ride for Nike SB, filming for the Foundation video Thats Life, skating for Stereo Skateboards, the Nike SB video Nothing But The Truth, Heroin Skateboards, living with Justin Strubing, his skate trivia game Useless Wooden Knowledge he does with Justin Strubing, Clint Peterson and Andreas Trolf and much more!

Jaime Joins The Agency [29/12/2008]
Jaime Fontecilla has joined the Stereo Sound Agency International Skateboard Team recently. Here is some more information on the current Stereo team skaters.

Trick Tip: BS Smith Grind with Daniel Shimizu [30/1/2008]
Daniel Shimizu showing you some humor in this epic Backside Smith Grind episode of trick tips.

Fidelity Wheel Company [25/1/2007]
On January 24, 2007 Stereo launched the High Fidelity Wheel Company, a separate skateboard wheel line with its own team.

Commercial: Stereo Coach Frank Infomersial [27/11/2006]
Stereo Sound Agencies Coack Frank disciplines the agents on how to properly manage 18 holes at Pebble Beach.

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