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Benny Fairfax

Benny Fairfax is an English skateboarder.

Also known as:



Benny Fairfax was born in New Milton, England, but also lived some time in the Carribian, where his mothers Family is from.


His stance is goofy.


Benny Fairfax turned pro with Stereo Skateboards in 2009.

???? - xxxx: WeSC
???? - xxxx: Adidas
2003 - 20??: Stereo Sound Agency
???? - xxxx: Red Bull
???? - ????: Autobahn Wheels
2012 - xxxx: Theeve Trucks
2009 - 2012: Independent Trucks
2015 - xxxx: Palace Skateboards
2015 - xxxx: Wayward Wheels


In 2015 Benny Fairfax and Andrew Brophy started Wayward Wheels.


2016: Away Days

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2009: Various
Two hours with Benny Fairfax at the Berrics.
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