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Micke Alba (1966 - )

Micke Alba is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as: Malba [nickname]



Micke Albua was born in 1966 in Montclair, California, USA.


His stance is goofy.


1986: 09 - Chicago Blowout
1986: 04 - Duel in Diablo


???? - ????: OutLook Skateboards
???? - ????: Spitfire Wheels
???? - xxxx: Independent Trucks
???? - ????: Vans Shoes
???? - ????: YMCA Skatepark
???? - xxxx: 187 Killer Pads
???? - xxxx: Bones Wheels
???? - xxxx: Hosoi Skateboards
???? - xxxx: Pro Design


2006: Rising Son


1983: Thrasher Magazine April Cover
1982: Thrasher Magazine July Cover


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