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Delta Charlie 2 (2009 - )

Delta Charlie 2 is a full length skatevideo from DC Shoes Norway.

Also known as: Delta Charlie II / DC 2




Michael Sommer
Henning Braaten
Herman Stene
Stefan Jacobsen
Frederic Esnault
Tobias Lien
Nicholas Hansen
Magnus Eriksen
Anders Frystad
Adil Dyani


Delta Charlie 2 was made by Frederic Esnault for DC Shoes Norway/Cyclone Distribution.

Directed and edited by Frederic Esnault.

Delta Charlie 2 was the sequel of Delta Charlie (2007), and was followed by Delta Charlie 3 (2010) and Delta Charlie 4 (2016).

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Video Part: Delta Charlie 2 Outro [16/7/2011]
Outro part from Delta Charlie 2.

Video Parts: Tobias Lien in Delta Charlie 2 [15/7/2011]
Tobias Liens part from the Delta Charlie 2 video.

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Delta Charlie 2 T-Shirt Montage.


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2009: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Delta Charlie 2 Tour Hamar Flyer.

2009: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Delta Charlie 2 Tour Flyer.

2009: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Delta Charlie 2 Norwegian Premier.

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