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Brian Anderson (1976 - )

Brian Anderson is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as:



Brian Anderson was born June 12, 1976 in Groton, Connecticut.


His stance is regular.


Brian Anderson turned pro with Toy Machine in 1998. [x]

19?? - ????: Toy Machine
???? - xxxx: Spitfire Wheels
???? - 20??: Fourstar Clothing
???? - 20??: CCS
???? - 20??: Skate Mental
???? - 2013: Girl Skateboards
20?? - xxxx: Nike SB
20?? - xxxx: Independent Trucks
20?? - 2016: Labor Skateboard Shop
20?? - xxxx: Bones Swiss
2013 - xxxx: 3D Skateboards


1996: Welcome To Hell
1998: Jump Off A Building
2000: Transworld Anthology
2000: Modus Operandi
2003: Yeah Right
2003: Harsh Euro Barge
2004: High Fives Up The i-5
2004: On Tap
2005: Oi Meets Girl
2005: What Tour?
2005: Super Champion Funzone
2005: Catalog Shoot
2007: Nothing But The Truth
2008: A Tribe Called Mapquest
2008: Independent 30th Anniversary Tour
2008: Yanks on Planks
2009: Gang of Fourstar
2011: Unbeleafable
2012: Pretty Sweet
2014: Cherry
2015: Nike SB Chronicles vol 3


1999: Thrasher Skater of the Year
1999: Transworld Skateboarding Awards Best Style Riders
1999: Transworld Skateboarding Awards Best Street Riders


2013: Nike SB Project BA


Anderson is an amateur artist and has contributed graphics for Girl Skateboards products.


In 2013 Brian Anderson started 3D Skateboards [x]


x] Brian Anderson Transworld Interview Added 24-08-1999
x] Brian Andersons 3D Skateboards Added 09-07-2013

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