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Lester Kasai

Lester Kasai is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as:



Lester Kasai is from Anaheim, California, USA.


His stance is regular.


2009: 09 - Pro Tec Pool Party Masters
2008: 01 - Rumble in Ramona Losi Award/Fakie Ollie Footplant
1986: 09 - NSA #1 Houston Texas


Madrid, S-One, Hurley, Theeve, Socal Skateshop, 187 Pads, Black Flys, Curb Kreep Rails, OMSA, Rockers


Lester Kasai is credited with inventing the Benihana in 1986 and the Benibonga.


2006: Rising Son
1986: Trashin
1984: Skatevisions

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