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Darren Navarette is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as: Darren Navarrette / The Vertical Vampire [nickname]


Darren Navarette was born October 19th, 1976, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.


He started skateboarding in 1984. His stance is regular.


2008: 01 - Rumble in Ramona Highest Air to Fakie


xxxx - xxxx: Spitfire Wheels
xxxx - ????: Vox Footwear
1997 - xxxx: Emerica
xxxx - xxxx: Creature Skateboards
xxxx - xxxx: Independent Trucks
xxxx - xxxx: 151
xxxx - xxxx: Creature Skateboards
xxxx - xxxx: SMA
Converes, Sketlon Key


2006: Born Dead
2007: Black and Blue volume 1
2012: CSFU

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Creature Buzzkill Commercial [9/11/2017]
Darren Navarrettes Buzzkill Deck is available now!

Darren Navarrette CSFU Part [23/10/2017]
In honor of Navarrettes Birthday Creature graced us with his part from C.S.F.U. Enjoy an epic part from the Vertical Vampire himself.

Darren Navarrette on S-One [15/3/2013]
Darren Navarrette on now the S-One Helmets team. Here is the welcome clip.


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2015: Various
Heres a cool edit of 20 years of Darren Navarrette including rare photos and video, animated ads, lots of Creature green, and of course Darrens unique bag of tricks and serious hang-time.
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2013: SD Memorial Skatepark
Darren Navarrette, AKA the Vertical Vampire, sucks all the blood out of this San Diego keyhole in this "On the Spot" for Independent Trucks, Creature Skateboards and Strange Notes. Look for Darren in the new Creature video "CSFU".
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2008: Trick Tips
Frontside Grinds with Darren Navarette
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