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David Gravette (1988 - )

David Gravette is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as:



David Gravette was born 11. January 1988, in Issaquah, Washington, United States of America.


David Gravette got his first skateboard for christmas at age 8, but never used it because of poor quality. But at age 10 he got a proper skateboard for christmas, a Powell Angel Boy.

His stance is Goofy.


2008: 08 - Kanalsession Bowl Senior


David Gravette turned pro with Creature Skateboards in 2008.

???? - ????: Skatepark of Tampa Party Team
???? - xxxx: Creature Skateboards
???? - 20??: Vox Footwear
???? - ????: Volcom
???? - xxxx: Independent Trucks
???? - xxxx: Bones Wheels
???? - xxxx: Mob Grip
2010 - xxxx: C1RCA
20?? - xxxx: Bronson
2016 - xxxx CCS


2006: Born Dead
2007: Black and Blue volume 1
2012: CSFU


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2008: GSF Skatepark: Show Picture
David Gravette nose grab on the speedbump at GSF during the Hot Moves and Hot Dogs event.

2008: GSF Skatepark: Show Picture
David Gravette backside nose grind over the speedbump at GSF during the Hot Moves and Hot Dogs event.

2008: GSF Skatepark: Show Picture
David Gravette mute air over the hip at GSF during the Hot Moves and Hot Dogs event.

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