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Nyjah Huston (1990 - )

Nyjah Huston is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as: Nyjah Imani Huston [full name]



Nyjah Imani Huston was born November 30, 1994, in Davis, California.

He had a strict Rastafarian upbringing.


Nyjah Huston started skating at the age of 5, under the disipline of his father.

His stance is goofy.

His skateboarding career was going well, when his father, who was also his manager at the time, suddenly moved the family to San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico, in 2008. This isolated him from the skateboard industry.

His mother made several attempts to bring the family back to California, and after a two year legal battle seperating the family, she got custody of her children in 2010.

Back in California, Nyjah Huston could resume his skateboard career, and has since become a houshold name in America and the world.


Nyjah Huston was first sponsored by Element Skateboards at the age of 7, and turned pro with them in 2005, at the age of 10.

20?? - 2008: Element Skateboards
2006 - 20??: 鏨 Footwear
2009 - 2011: I & I Skateboards
20?? - 20??: Silver Trucks
20?? - 20??: FKD Bearings
20?? - xxxx: Diamond Supply Co
2011 - xxxx: Element Skateboards
2011 - xxxx: Ricta Wheels
2012 - 2015: DC Shoes
2012 - xxxx: Monster Energy
2012 - xxxx: Stance Socks
2012 - xxxx: Mob Grip
2014 - xxxx: CCS
2016 - xxxx: Nike SB


2009 - 2011: I & I Skateboards


2008: 08 - X Games Mens Street
2009: 02 - X Games Los Angeles Street
2010: 02 - X Games Los Angeles Street
2011: 01 - X Games Los Angeles Street
2012: 03 - X Games Los Angeles Street
2012: 01 - Street League Final Ranking
2013: 01 - X Games Foz do Igua輹 Street
2013: 01 - X Games Barcelona Street
2013: 03 - X Games Los Angeles Street
2014: 03 - X Games Austin Street
2015: 03 - X Games Austin Street


2005: Elementality vol 1
2006: Elementality vol 2
2007: eSpesial
2007: This Is My Element
2015: We Are Blood


2006: Tony Hawks Project 8
2007: Tony Hawks Proving Ground
2009: Tony Hawks Ride
2012: Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD
2015: Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5


2006: Kentucky Unbridled Spirit Award for Action Sports


Together with his mother Kelle Huston, Huston founded the charity organization Let It Flow in 2008, with the aim of providing clean, safe, and accessible water to communities in need.


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