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Lewis Marnell (1982 - )

Lewis Marnell was an Australian professional skateboarder.

Also known as:



Lewis Marnell was born in 1982, in Melbourne, Australia.

He moved to Sweden in 1996 to live with his dad, and stayed there for 7 years.


His stance was regular.


2008: 17 - CPH Pro Street
2008: 03 - CPH Pro Street Best Trick


2008: Almost Skateboards
xxxx: Nike SB
xxxx: Spitfire
xxxx: Volcom
xxxx: Thunder
xxxx: Modus bearings
xxxx: Muse Audio
xxxx: Axion
xxxx: Menace (All City / City Stars)


2012: 5-incher
2012: The Cinematographers Project
2011: The SB Chronicles Vol. 01
2010: Dont Fear The Sweeper
2007: Lets Live
2007: Nothing But The Truth
2006: Cheese and Crackers
2006: Autopilot
2005: Streets: Melbourne
2005: Digital: Divercity
2004: Chichagof


Lewis Marnell was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 10 years old.


Lewis Marnell passed away Friday January 18, 2013, from complications related to diabetes.

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