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Rodrigo Peterson is a Brazilian skateboarder.

Also known as: Rodrigo Petersen


Rodrigo Peterson is from Curitiba, Brazil.


His stance is regular.


2008: 16 - CPH Pro Street


2009 - 20??: Organika Skateboards
???? - xxxx: BLVD Skateboards
???? - xxxx: Thunder Trucks
???? - xxxx: Gold Wheels
???? - xxxx: LRG CLothing
???? - xxxx: BLVD Skateboards
???? - xxxx: Diamond


2007: Viajeros Locos
2015: We Are Blood

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High Co. officially welcome Rodrigo Petersen.

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Skate Sauce has welcomed Rodrigo Peterson to the team.

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2011: Welcome Videos
Rodrigo Petersen joins the BLVD team!
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2007: Skateboard Parts
Rodrigo Peterson - Viajeros Locos
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2011: Various
Rodrigo Petersen for LRG. Videography by: Kyle Camarillo, Tyrone Romero, and Sam Newman.
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2011: Advertisments: Show Picture
BLVD Skateboards Welcomes Rodrigo Petersen.

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