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Kevin B詭kel

Kevin B詭kel is a Norwegian professional skateboarder.

Also known as: The Hammer [nickname] / Kevin Baekkel [international spelling] / Kevin Bakkel [wrong spelling] / Kevin Bekkel [wrong spelling] / Kevin Braekkel [wrong spelling]



Kevin B詭kel is from Hamar, Norway. [1]

In 2015 he moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, where he has family. [1][2][3]


He started skateboarding at the age of 9, after the new Koigen Concrete Skatepark was built. [1]

His stance is regular.


2007: 16 - NORB NM Junior Street
2007: 06 - NORB NM Junior Miniramp
2007: 09 - Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam Bowl
2007: 07 - Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam Junior Street
2008: 08 - Fjlf誑t Junior Street
2008: 07 - Koigen Open Junior
2008: 04 - Wild in the Parks Junior
2008: 06 - Hst Bust Junior Street
2008: 04 - Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam Junior
2009: 03 - Fjlf誑t Tacky Best Trick
2009: 03 - Hst Bust Junior Bowl
2009: 11 - Hst Bust Junior Street
2009: 03 - Koigen Open Junior
2010: 02 - Bergen Brettfest Junior Bowl
2010: 02 - Stavanger Open Junior Street
2010: 02 - Stavanger Open Junior Miniramp
2010: 01 - NORB NM Junior Bowl
2011: 01 - Koigen Open Senior
2011: 01 - K-Town Winter Jam Street Senior
2015: 01 - Koigen Open
2016: 04: Grenland Games Senior Street
2016: 01: Grenland Games Senior Miniramp


Kevin B詭kel has been featured in several skateboard videos.

2008: I Know What You Did Last Summer
2011: Fakko Friends Part
2014: Goosnectar
2015: Betong


2016: Valkyriegata #008
2017: Thrasher June 2017 Cover


2014: Tenk Brett


Kevin B詭kel turned pro with Creature Skateboards in 2018. [4]

2009 - 2014: Emerica trough Turf Distribution
2009 - 2014: Creature Skateboards trough Turf Distribution
20?? - xxxx: Independent Trucks trough Bernhard Sports
2011 - 201?: Burn Energy Drink
2014 - 2016: Emerica EU
2016 - xxxx: Creature Skateboards
201? - 201?: DAF
201? - xxxx: Bronson



Below are the sources referenced in the text. Go to the Kevin B詭kel articles for more information.

1] Kevin B詭kel Boardmag Interview
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4] Team Update: Creature Pro Kevin B詭kel Added 24-07-2018

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Senior bowl winner Kevin B詭kel at Hamar Open 2018.

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Kevin B詭kel Pro Launch Ad

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Creature Pro Kevin B詭kel. Photo by Daggers Skate Co.

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Tour Footage: Monster Energy Lisbon to Porto [28/5/2019]
Gabriel Fortunato, Marek Zaprazny and Kevin Baekkel took a road trip between 2 of the sickest cities in Europe and scored technical lines, hidden bowls and huge rails. Portugal is dope, so many spots, sick food and good times with the homies.

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Mjsskate 2018 Final Results and Footage [1/7/2018]
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Mjsskate 2018 Stange/Hamar Results and Footage [1/7/2018]
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