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Bucky Lasek (1972 - )

Bucky Lasek is an American professional skateboarder and race car driver.

Also known as: Bucky [nickname]



Charles Michael Lasek was born December 3, 1972 [1] in Dundalk, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. [2]

At the age of six they moved to an island outside of Fort Myers, Florida for two years. And then spent six months in North Carolina, before moving back to Baltimore. [4]


His father was called Bucky, and his mother started using the nickname for him also. [5]


Lasek started skateboarding at the age of twelve, after his bike got stolen, and he figured it would be a better way to get around. [1]

His first skateboard was a pink Caballero with Powell wheels and pink Tracker trucks. [1][3]

His stance is regular.


He turned pro with Powell in 1990.

19?? - ????: Reach for the Beach
19?? - 19??: Skull Skates Flow
19?? - 19??: Powell Peralta
19?? - 19??: Tracker Trucks
19?? - ????: Airwalk Shoes
19?? - 19??: Change Skateboards
19?? - 19??: Natural Skateboards
19?? - 19??: New Deal Skateboards
19?? - ????: Birdhouse Skateboards
19?? - xxxx: Independent Trucks
19?? - ????: Ezekiel CLothing
19?? - ????: Arnette Optics
20?? - 2012: Billabong
20?? - 2012: Element
201? - 201?: Green Issue Skateboards
201? - xxxx: Rockstar Energy Drink


2009: 01 - Pro Tec Pool Party Pro
2017: 02 - Vert Attack Pro


1988: Public Domain
1989: Ban This
1991: Eight
1996: Airwalk Skateboarding Video 96
1998: The End
2001: Sight Unseen 16/35mm Part
2003: Grind


1999: Tony Hawks Pro Skater
2004: Tony Hawks Underground


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