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Eirik Ballo (1991 - )

Eirik Ballo is a Norwegian skateboarder.

Also known as: Erik Ballo



Eirik Ballo was born 10th October, 1991 Haugesund, Norway. He later moved to Oslo. [1]

He also went to school in Tokyo, Japan. [1][2]


Eirik Ballo started skateboarding in 2001. [1]

His stance is goofy. [1]


2004: 05 - NORB NM Junior Street
2005: 17 - NORB NM Junior Street
2007: 03 - Stavanger Open Junior Street
2007: 02 - NORB NM Junior Street
2007: 01 - Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam Senior Street
2008: 07 - NORB NM Senior Street
2008: 11 - Kanalsession Senior Street
2008: 07 - Hst Bust Senior Street
2008: 01 - Shit SBTC Tour ナkra
2009: 04 - Kanalsession Senior Street
2010: 15 - NORB NM Senior Street
2011: 08 - NORB NM Senior Street
2012: 08 - NORB NM Senior Street
2014: 02 - Bernhard Sports Invitational
2017: 05 - Session Invitational


20?? - xxxx: Session Skateshop
20?? - xxxx: HUF Footwear
20?? - xxxx: Polar Skate Co
20?? - 2015: The Rubble Company


2009: Obsession
2010: 2 Years Of Joy Friends Part
2011: Sessionfilmen
2011: Fakko
2016: Tigerstaden


2011: Dank Magazine 01 Interview
2013: Dank Magazine 06 Cover


1] Eirik Ballo VHS Mag Interview Added 25-06-2015
2] Eirik Ballo Playboard Interview Added 23-10-2014

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