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Huck Magazine

HUCK is a bi-monthly lifestyle magazine rooted in surf, skate and snowboarding.

Also known as:


Online Magazine [info]



HUCK is published in English, German, French and Italian and distributed worldwide.


Studio 209, Curtain House
134-146 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3AR


Tel: +44 (0) 207 7293675


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2008: Magazines: Show Picture
Cover of the 10th issue of Huck Magazine.

2008: Websites: Show Picture
Screenshot of the website in may.

Go Fish:

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Greg Carroll Huck Interview [11/5/2017]
Huck Magazine has an interview with Greg Carroll, the skateboarder who became a shaman.

Ed Templeton Huck Interview [11/5/2017]
Ed Templetons tips for overcoming fear as a self-taught photographer

Tommy Guerrero Huck Interview [20/2/2017]
Skate legend Tommy Guerrero on why busy is bullshit.

RIP Dylan Rieder [14/10/2016]
October 12th, 2016, surrounded by family and friends, Dylan Joseph Rieder passed away due to complications from leukemia.

Ed Templeton Huck Interview [19/8/2016]
Heroes of Independence interview with Ed Templeton from Huck Magazine.

Natas Kaupas Huck Interview [17/7/2016]
Huck Magazine did an interview with skateboarding legend Natas Kaupas.

Peggy Oki Huck Interview [25/4/2015]
Huck Magazine has published an article about Peggy Oki from issue 49.

The Big List of Skateboard Magazines [5/2/2012]
A work in progress, but here is a list of skateboarding magazines from around the world.

John Cardiel Huck Interview [12/4/2011]
Huck Magazine interview with John Cardiel.

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