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Emerica (1996 - )

Emerica is a skateboarding shoe brand owned by Sole Technology.

Also known as: etnies America



Emerica is based in Lake Forest, California, United States of America.


Emerica is a skateboarding shoe company, and makes footwear and apparel.

Top selling shoe models include; The Heretic and others(?).

The Big List of Emerica Shoe Models


Pierre-Andre Senizergues, who had been designing and distributing Etnies in the U.S. since 1990 under the name etnies America, lost the licensing rights to the etnies name, after Rautureau Apple was bought out by a European shoe conglomerate acquired by an American company.

Pierre-Andre Senizergues then started Emerica in 1995, and all etnies shoes sold in Fall 1995 were shipped as Emerica shoes in Spring 1996. He bought the rights to the etnies name the same year, and continued producing both brands, with Emerica focused on core skateboarding, while etnies pursued a broader market.


Emerica is short for etnies America.


In 1996 Don Brown put together the original Emerica team.

1996 - ????: Jamie Thomas
1996 - 20??: Chris Senn
1996 - 20??: Marc Johnson
1996 - 20??: Dan Drehobl
1996 - 20??: Donny Barley
1997 - xxxx: Andrew Reynolds
1997 - xxxx: Ed Templeton
1997 - ????: Tim Brauch
1997 - ????: John Cardiel
1997 - ????: Kenny Hughes
1997 - ????: Tim McKinney
1997 - ????: Darren Navarette

In 1998 Justin Regan becomes Emericas first Team Manager.

1998 - ????: Mike Maldonado
1999 - 20??: Heath Kirchart
1999 - ????: Arto Saari
1999 - ????: Jim Greco
2000 - 2006: Erik Ellington
2000 - xxxx: Aaron Suski
2000 - 2006: Tosh Townend
2001 - xxxx: Kevin �Spanky� Long
2001 - xxxx: Bryan Herman
2001 - 2012: Braydon Szafranski
2002 - 20??: Justin Strubing
2002 - 20??: Chad Bartie
2003 - xxxx: Matt Allen
2003 - xxxx: Leo Romero

In 2005 Jeff Henderson becomes the new Emerica Team Manager, when Justin Regan becomes Emericas first Brand Marketing Manager.

2005 - xxxx: Brandon Westgate
2006 - xxxx: Marquis Preston
2007 - xxxx: Jerry Hsu
2008 - xxxx: Jamie Tancowny
2008 - xxxx: Justin Figueroa
2010 - xxxx: Collin Provost
2011 - xxxx: Trevor Colden

EU Team:

2011 - xxxx: Tom Knox
???? - xxxx: Eniz Fazliov
???? - xxxx: Helder Lima
???? - xxxx: Pontus Alv
???? - xxxx: Rob Maatman
???? - xxxx: Vladik Scholz
2014 - xxxx: Kevin B詭kel

UK Team:

2010 - xxxx: Chris Ault
2010 - 2011: Tom Knox

Norway Team:

The Norwegian Emerica team was formed in 2001 trough Turf Distribution.

2001 - xxxx: Christian Brox
2001 - xxxx: Leif Kristian Thorvik
2001 - xxxx: Henrik S誥hre
20?? - xxxx: Stian Bakke
20?? - xxxx: Fredrik N誡land
20?? - 2014: Kevin B詭kel
20?? - xxxx: Kim Ottermo
20?? - xxxx: Magnus Bonesmo


Select a year to see Emerica ads.

1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013


1997: Yellow
2001: Emerica Mansion
2003: This is Skateboarding
2004: Kids In Emerica
2006: Bikes Boards and Bros
2010: Stay Gold


2004 - xxxx: Wild in the Streets


2004: The Dirty South Tour Southeastern USA
2004: The Panama / Costa Rica Tour
2004: The V7 Teenage Tour Finale France, Belgium and Holland
2004: The Kids in Emerica Tour
2006: The Stay Gold Tour of Australia
2007: The Terreur Tour France
2008: The Wild Ride 2008
2009: The Hang With Leo! shop tour
2009: The Hang With Braydon and Herman tour
2011: The Heartbeat of Emerica Tour
2011: The Outsiders Tour Germany, Norway and Finland
2012: The Made in Emerica 2012 Tour
2013: The Made in Emerica UK Tour


Emericas Art Director Yogi Proctor established the brands signature green color in 1997, and the triangle logo in 1998.

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2016: Event Flyers [21/9/2016]

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