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Notodden Skateboardhall is an indoor skatepark in Notodden, Norway.

Also known as: Notodden Skatehall / Notodden Skatepark / Notodden Indoor Skatepark / Rullaren Skatehall


Rullaren Skatehall first opened in 2011, but was closed again due to issues with fire safety. [1][2]

The park was approved and reopened in 2012 as Notodden Skateboardhall, and the skatepark was constructed with wood obstacles on a concrete surface, including a street course, microramp and a miniramp. [2][3][4]

In 2016 a new vert ramp was completed. [5]


2011 - 2012:
2012 - xxxx:


1] Notodden Got Indoor Skatepark Added 19-12-2011
2] Rullaren Skatepark Soon Ready Added 19-08-2012
3] Construction In Notodden Added 30-03-2013
4] Spotcheck: Notodden Skatehall 2016 Added 13-12-2016
5] Notodden Vert Opening Footage Added 28-11-2016



Hydroparken bygg 150, 3674 Notodden, Norway.

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New miniramp at Notodden skatepark. Photo by Jon Harald Aspheim.

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Street area at Notodden indoor skatepark. Photo by Andre Tnsberg Bakke.

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