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This ramp is the perfect ramp for beginners to experts. Riders from all skill levels can enjoy a ramp this size. This DVD video shows the halfpipe being built from start to finish. You will learn every aspect of construction like how to draw perfect transition curves, how to lay the plywood, how to attach the coping and more. This kit provides you with answers to many construction questions, like: What's wrong with using nails instead of screws? Why shouldn't I use a water sealer on masonite? What are my options for a riding surface? ...and more. Owning a ramp just got easier. A completely unique design provides the opportunity of taking your ramp with you if you move or just to store it in the garage for the winter. On top of that, disassembly can be done easily in 30 minutes or less by only taking apart large sections and not the entire ramp. The entire ramp fits into a 8'x8'x4' cube! The printed plans show every angle of the ramp you will be building. You will have well drawn plans at your fingertips as you build. The instruction manual shows close up, how specific sections are assembled. With the aid of the plans, guide and watching the entire construction on video, you will become a building expert and take on this project with confidence that you have done it right the first time.

Also known as: 4' Skateboard & Inline Halfpipe - Plans, Manual & DVD Video (Half Pipe Blueprints)

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