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Stian Bakke (1987 - )

Stian Bakke is a Norwegian skateboarder.

Also known as:



Stian Bakke was born 5th November 1987 in Sykkylven, Norway. [1]


Stian Bakke started skateboarding around 2000. [1]

His stance is regular.


2008: 11 - Bernhard Invitational
2008: 26 - NORB NM Street Senior
2007: 16 - NORB NM Street Senior
2007: 13 - Stavanger Open Miniramp Senior
2004: 11 - NORB NM Street Senior
2003: 10 - NORB NM Street Junior


200? - 20??: Shit Skateboards
2007: Emerica Trough Turf Distribution
200? - 2011: Swag
2011 - 201?: Kr3w Apparel
2011 - 201?: Session


Stian Bakke has been featured in several Norwegian skatevideos.

2006: Pieces
2010: We See Life Trough Different Eyes
2011: Lause Trucka
2012: 3ern


2012: Dank Magazine 03 Interview


Swag relased some Stian Bakke signature decks.

2009: Swag Stian Bakke Skateboard Deck
2010: Swag Stian Bakke Skateboard Deck


1] Stian Bakke Tacky Interview Added 11-10-2004


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2008: Ibsen Kvartalet
Stian Bakke at Ibsen Kvartalet during Bernhard Sports Invitational.
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2008: Ibsen Kvartalet
Stian Bakke at Ibsen Kvartalet during Bernhard Sports Invitational.
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2008: Frognerparken Skateboard
Stian Bakke backside tailslide at Frognerparken during Bernhard Sports Invitational.
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2009: NORB NM Enjoi Highest Ollie: Show Picture
Stian Bakke skating during the Norwegian skateboard championships at Fysak Skatepark in Bergen, Norway.

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