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The first official skateboard deck.

Also known as: Justme Skateboard Deck / Justme.s Skateboard Deck / Justme All Round Bowl


7.25 x 29.00 Inches [mini/kids]
7.50 x 31.50 Inches [street]
7.62 x 31.50 Inches
7.75 x 31.75 Inches [all around]
7.87 x 31.75 Inches
8.00 x 32.00 Inches [park]
8.25 x 32.25 Inches
7.87 x 29.50 Inches [cruiser]


The graphics were drawn by Pasiel upon request, and shows a peanut bowl with an Oslo skyline, seen trough a spiders web. The graphic also contains some other web references.


This deck is currently available from our Webshop.

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New Shapes and Sizes [2/11/2008]
The Justme Oslo Bowl skateboard deck is finally available in more sizes. If you think the boards should have been bigger, or smaller, check out our new boards here. Skateboard Decks [4/6/2008] is proud to announce that Justme skateboard decks now are available from our webshop. Today we received the very first deck. Check out the pictures and information here.


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2009: Various: Show Picture
Broken Justme Oslo Bowl Deck.

2008: Skateboard Decks: Show Picture
The All Round Bowl model.

2008: Kampen Park: Show Picture
Tommy ollie down into the pool at Kampen park.

Go Fish:

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2009: Various [31/5/2009]