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Leiv Torger Svindland (1987 - )

Leiv Torger Svindland is a Norwegian skateboarder.

Also known as: Leif Torger Svindland / Toggi [nickname]



Leiv Torger Svindland is from Sandnes, Norway.




His stance is regular.


2007 - 20??: Shit Skateboard Company
20?? - 20??: Vox Footwear Trough Merch Distribution
2010 - 2010: Blueprint Skateboards trough Goskate Distribution
2010 - 201?: Fallen Footwear trough Bernhard Sports
2010 - 201?: Zero Skateboards trough Bernhard Sports
2014 - 201?: Independent Trucks trough Bernhard Sports
2015 - xxxx: Session Kvadrat
20?? - xxxx: Session


2005: 21 - NORB NM Senior Street
2007: 09 - Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam Senior Street
2007: 13 - Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam Bowl
2007: 03 - Lillesand Open Senior Street
2008: 13 - Kanalsession Senior Street
2008: 34 - NORB NM Senior Street
2008: 07 - Fjlf誑t Senior Bowl
2010: 07 - Trikkestallen Xmas Jam Senior Street
2012: 17 - NORB NM Senior Street
2014: 09 - Bernhard Sports Invitational
2019: 16 - Grenland Games Senior Street
2019: 16 - Grenland Games Senior Miniramp


2010: 2 Years Of Joy

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2008: Advertisments: Show Picture
Shit Brightside team model advertisment featring Toggi doing a switch kickflip.

2008: Mucho Rabaldo Megazone: Show Picture
Mucho Rabaldo Megazone. Leiv Torger Svindland (toggi) fakie benihana.

2008: Mucho Rabaldo Megazone: Show Picture
Mucho Rabaldo Megazone. Leiv Torger Svindland (toggi) fakie ollie.

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