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Ove Kirkeby (1980 - )

Ove Kirkeby is a Norwegian skateboarder.

Also known as:



Ove Kirkeby was born June 16, 1980 in Nittedal, Norway.


He started skateboarding in 1996.


xxxx - xxxx: DC Shoes
xxxx - xxxx: Whats up?
xxxx - xxxx: Genuine
xxxx - xxxx: Cityfellaz
xxxx - xxxx: Volcom (flow)


2011: 09 - Oldboys Skateboard NM Street
2010: 62 - NORB NM Senior Street
2007: 13 - NORB NM Street Senior
2002: 06 - Rudboys and Girls senior
2006: 04 - NORB NM Street Senior
2006: 08 - Nordic Open
2005: 01 - Bernhard Invitational
2005: 16 - NORB NM Street Senior
2004: 07 - Bernhard Sports Invitational
2003: 04 - Bernhard Sports Invitational
2003: 05 Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam Senior
2002: 10 - NORB NM Street Senior
2002: 05 - Bernhard Sports Invitational
2001: 06 - NORB NM Street Senior
2001: 06 - Rud Open Senior


2009: 301
2005: HBS 03

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2011: Oldboys NM Voldslkka: Show Picture
Ove Kirkeby frontside ollie to flat over the pyramid during the Norwegian skateboardchampionships for old boys at Voldslkka Skatepark in Oslo.

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