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Mølleparken is a skatepark in Oslo, Norway.

Also known as: Mølla / Mølle Parken / Mølla Park


The park was the location of the 1993 NORB NM, and remained a popular spot featuring some DIY obstacles. [1]

The park got some new obstacles in 2012. [2]

In 2014 the park was renovated with pre-fabricated concrete obstacles. [3]


2007: The Turf Movie


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The park is located by Akerselva, and the entrance is found in Sannergata.


Sannergata 1, 0555 Oslo, Norway

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Henrik Kleppe at Mølleparken Skatepark [27/8/2018]
Henrik Kleppe skates the Ringnes spot.

Spotcheck: Mølleparken Skatepark May 2018 [5/5/2018]
A couple pictures of Mølleparken Skatepark in Oslo, Norway.

Session Invitational 2017 Program + Qualification [3/8/2017]
Here is the schedule for this years Session Invitational, and information on how you can qualify for the contest.


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2015: Bernhard Sports Invitational
BSI - Wild Card Session! Vinner: Jonatan Struksnæs.
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2011: Mølleparken
FSVB presents: Møllerparken - Før Slaughterhouse video og foto kurset i sommer, møttes FSVB opp for å sanke noe eksempel footy. Alt filmet på ca en time, og en artig session i tillegg.
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Yoshi the running basenji. Next to Høne Lovisas Hus in Oslo.
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2018: Mølleparken Skatepark: Show Picture

2018: Mølleparken Skatepark: Show Picture

2017: Mølleparken Skatepark: Show Picture
Oslo, Norway.

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2013: Mølleparken [28/4/2014]

2013: Mølleparken [28/4/2014]

2013: Mølleparken [28/4/2014]

2013: Mølleparken [28/4/2014]