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Tasta skatepark was an outdoor skatepark in Stavanger, Norway. It is now gone.

Also known as: Stavanger Skatepark


Tasta Skatpark was built by local skaters in 1998. [1]

The skatepark was renovated and expanded several times trough the years. [2][3][4]

By 2012 the park was so worn down that the city considered it unsafe. [5] Attempts were made to finance a new skatepark, [6] but in 2013 the park was torn down. [7]

The skatepark was finally replaced in 2016, with the opening of Nye Tasta Skatepark. [8]


There were many contests and evens held at Tasta Skatepark.

The annual Stavanger Open contest was held there for several years.

In 2003 Tasta Skatepark hosted the etnies European Open. [1]

In 2008 the Norwegian skateboard championships were held at the park.[3]


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Gjerdeveien, 4028 Stavanger, Norway.


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Sjur 50-50 down the escalator in the miniramp at Tasta Skatepark during Stavanger Open. Thanks to Sjur for sharing the picture.

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