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Airwalk (1983 - )

An Airwalk is a skateboard trick where the rider grabs the nose, while the front foot is kicked off the toe-side of the board, and the back foot is kicked off the heel-side, making the impression of walking in the air.

Also known as: Ollie Airwalk [street/freestyle]


NOTE! This group is for the Airwalk skateboard trick, not the Airwalk footwear company.


Tony Hawk is credited with inventing the Airwalk on vert in 1983.

Rodney Mullen is credited with adapting the airwalk to freestyle in 1986.

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2012: Trick Tips
How-To Airwalk With Ron Allen - Trick-a-Day
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2011: GSF Skatepark: Show Picture
Tommy Jrgensen airwalk on the tit at the GSF Bowl in Oslo, Norway.

2011: Oldboys NM Voldslkka: Show Picture
Henning Braathen airwalk during the Matix Launchramp contest, held at the Norwegian skateboard championships for old boys at Voldslkka Skatepark in Oslo.

2011: Burn Best Trick Tyenpuppen: Show Picture
Unknown airwalk over the tit at Sommerfrydhagen during the Burn Energy best trick contest.

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