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Japan Air

A Japan Air is a skateboard trick where the skater airs backside, grabs the board behind the toe of the front foot with the leading hand, and pulls the board up behind the back with the knees pointed down.

Also known as:



A Japan Air is basically a tweaked version of the Mute Air.


The first documented Japan Air was done by Philippe Mentone at Musashi Skatepark, with a photo taken by NISI that was featured in the February 1985 issue of TWS. [1][2]

The photo inspired American skateboarders to start doing the trick, [1] where it was popularised by skaters such as Tony Hawk and Lester Kasai, while street skaters such as Tommy Guerrero, Natas Kaupas, Jesse Martinez and Mark Gonzales took the Japan to launch ramps. [2]


The name for the trick came from the header of the magazine article, that was a feature on skateboarding in Japan. [1]


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