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Saran Wrap (1984 - )

A Saran Wrap is a skateboard trick where the skater take the front foot off the board, and moves it around the nose, before putting it back on.

Also known as: Saran Wrap Air



When done in the air, the rider grab backside with the front hand and move the front foot off, and around the nose of the board. Switch to a frontside grab sith the back hand as the foot comes around, so it can be put back on the board.

In freestyle skateboarding, the front leg traces a circle around the nose of the board not touching the ground when in Pogo or a Truckstand.


Tony Hawk has been credited with inventing the trick in 1984.

Adapted to freestyle by Rodney Mullen.


The trick was named Saran Wrap, because of Tony Hawks mothers fondness for leftover foot. [1]


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1] Tony Hawk Skateboarder and Business Man 2004, Page 34

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