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Holla Skatepark (2006 - 2019)

Holla Skatepark was a skatepark in Telemark, Norway. It is now gone!

Also known as: Holla Vert Ramp / Holla Ramp / Ulefoss Skatepark



Holla Skatepark was built by Reidar Dahl and Holla Skateboard Klubb in 2006, and consisted of a joint vert ramp and miniramp. [1]

The park was rebuilt in 2009, and the miniramp was removed to expand the vert and add a canyon. Some street obstacles were also added. [2]

In 2010 a new miniramp and new street obstacles were added. [3]

In 2012 the miniramp got a spine, speedbump and hip, while the street area got a new box and an a-frame. [4]

In 2014 the park was completly rebuilt by again. [4]


There has been several contests and events at Holla Skatepark.

The annual Holla Rips contest has been held annualy since 2007, while Horror at Holla has been arranged annually since 2009.


1] Spotcheck: Holla Skatepark 2007 Added 25-02-2008
2] Horror At Holla 2009 Added 29-05-2009
3] Holla Gets Ready For Horror Added 01-05-2010
4] Spotcheck: Holla Skatepark Mai 2012 Added 14-05-2012
5] Spotcheck: Holla Skatepark 2014 Added 20-11-2014

In 2017 it was decided the skatepark had to be removed, and in 2019 it was dismantled.


The skatepark was located at Holla 10-蚌ige Skole.


Kirkebakken 18, 3830 Ulefoss, Norway.


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Ulefoss Looses Both Skateparks [26/4/2019]
Holla Skatepark has been dismantled following a decision Nome Kommunetstyre made to remove it back in 2017, and now the indoor skatepark has also has to be vacated by 1st June as the building is being sold.

Miniramp Mayhem at Holla Skatepark [7/6/2018]
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A Day at Holla Skatepark [11/5/2017]
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2011: Holla Skatepark
First week of Vert 2011: After 20+ hours of shoveling snow throughout the Norwegian winter.. we finally got to skate on monday 28. february. Here's some footage from our first vertsessions of 2011. Starring: Jon Harald Aspheim, Dag Martin Nilsen and Tor Valen.
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2010: Holla Ramp
channel plant (bail)
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2010: Holla Ramp
Petter, Tor og Henry p Ulefoss Vert skateboarding, Holla ramp, Ulefoss 26.9.10
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NORB VertNM Event Poster

2015: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Horror at Holla poster.

2014: Holla Skatepark: Show Picture
Holla Skatepark in Ulefoss, Norway. Photo by Jon Harald Aspheim.

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Porsgrunn Drags Feet On Gift Ramp [27/9/2018]
Holla Skatepark has to move the vert ramp by 2019, and Ulefoss Skateboardklubb wants to give it to the municipality and place it at Kjlens Skatepark, but the answer from Porsgrunn Kommune is strange.

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2014: Holla Skatepark [20/11/2014]

2014: Holla Skatepark [20/11/2014]

2014: Holla Skatepark [20/11/2014]

2014: Holla Skatepark [20/11/2014]

2014: Holla Skatepark [20/11/2014]

2014: Holla Skatepark [20/11/2014]

2014: Holla Skatepark [20/11/2014]

2014: Holla Skatepark [1/8/2014]

2014: Holla Skatepark [1/8/2014]

2011: NORB NM Vert [15/8/2011]