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Skateboarding association in Bodψ, Norway.

Also known as: Bodψ Skateboard Klubb / Bodψ Skate Klubb


Storgata 2
8006 Bodψ


Tore Hartviksen started the first organisation in 2000, to qualify for government funding and visualise the need for skateparks in the Bodψ municipality.

In 2005 the organisation was started again by Sindre Sandvin.


The club is also open to Inline and BMX.

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Bodψ Skatehall February Footage [26/3/2017]
Check out what went down last month at the indoor skatepark in Bodψ.

Bodψ Skatehall January Edit [13/2/2017]
Footage from the indoor skatepark in Bodψ from January and 2016.

Bodψ Mayor Visits Skatepark [23/1/2017]
After the mayor in Bodψ said the city was going to be cooler, she got invited to the indoor skatepark to try skateboarding and talk about a new indoor and/or outdoor skatepark.


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2009: Bodψ
Obsession premiere - Bodψ: har bare satt sammen alle brukbare klippene fra premieren og lover en bedre edit i lψpet av uka ;)
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2016: Various: Show Picture
Bodψ Skateboardklubb in the 17th May parade. Photo by BSK.

2014: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Bodkar Open 2014 Poster

2013: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Bodkar Open Event Flyer

Go Fish:

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Norwegian Constitution Day is the National Day of Norway and several skateboard assosiations are partisipating in the parades and hosting events around the country.

Fjψlhangaren Gets Rebuilt [30/8/2012]
Bodψ Skateboardklubb have hired Kjetil Aasen to help renovate the indoor skatepark. Here is some information.

Norwegian Indoor Skateparks in 2010 [31/12/2010]
In this first article of the year, we take a look at some of the indoor skateparks in Norway and some footage from last year.

Go Skateboarding Day 2010 Norway [21/6/2010]
The events are ticking in for this years Go Skateboarding Day in Norway. Here is an overview of the celebrations.

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2016: Various [17/5/2017]