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John Cardiel is a former American professional snowboarder and skateboarder.

Also known as: John Cardial


John Cardiel was born Dec 14, 1973 in San Jose, USA. [1][3]

He also lived in Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Campbell, Utah, Half Moon Bay and Grass Valley. [1]




19?? - ????: Santa Cruz Snowboards


He started skateboarding in the second grade, while living in Half Moon Bay. After seing some people skating by, he got to try a board for the first time. A couple months later he got a Santa Cruz skateboard from his mother. [1]

His stance is goofy.



His first sponsor was Dogtown Skateboards. [1]

199? - 19??: Dogtown Skateboards
199? - 19??: Venture Trucks
199? - 19??: Spitfire Wheels
19?? - 19??: Black Label Skateboards
1995 - ????: Anti-Hero Skateboards
1997 - ????: Emerica
???? - ????: Independent Trucks
???? - ????: Freshjive
???? - ????: Vans


2001: Sight Unseen
1993: Spitfire
1993: Virtual Reality *


2000: Grind Session


1992: Transworld Skater of the Year


In 2003 John Cardiel was seriously injured while on an Anti Hero tour in Australia. Doctors expected he would never walk again, but he has since been able to both walk and cruise on a skateboard. [2][3]


Since the accident John Cardiel has been into street fixed-gear cycling, that he credits as a key factor of his recovery. [4]


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