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Lance Mountain is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as: Robert Lance Mountain [full name]


Robert Lance Mountainwas born June 13, 1964, in Pasadena, California.


He started skating in 1975, after his friend Enrique Esporza gave him his old clay wheel board. His stance is regular.


Lance Mountain is credited with inventing the Sadplant, the Eggplant, and as one of the inventors of the Gay Twist.


1986: 04 - Chicago Blowout
1986: 06 - Duel in Diablo
1986: 08 - NSA #1 Houston Texas
1985: 05 - NSA #7 Del Mar Pool Jam
2005: 01 - World Cup Skateboarding Tour Masters Concrete Bowl


19?? - 19??: Skate City
1981 - 1983: Variflex
1983 - 19??: Powell-Peralta
2006 - xxxx: Flip Skateboards
2007 - xxxx: Nike SB
20?? - xxxx: Stssy Clothing


Lance Mountain has been featured in several skateboard videos.

1984: The Bones Brigade Video Show Powell-Peralta
1985: Future Primitive Powell-Peralta
1987: The Search For Animal Chin Powell-Peralta
1988: Public Domain Powell-Peralta
1988: The Savannah Slamma Video
1988: The Savannah Slamma II Video
1989: Ban This Powell-Peralta
1993: Goldfish [Girl Skateboards]
2009: Extremely Sorry [Girl Skateboards]

He has also been part of several skateboard documentaries.

2002: Chlorine
2005: Who Cares - The Duane Peters Story
2006: Rising Son

And was a stunt skater in the 1989 Hollywood movie Gleaming the Cube.


2007: Tony Hawks Proving Ground


1991 - 2006: The Firm


Lance Mountain is a Christian


Lance Mountain is married to Yvette Loveless, and they have one son, Lance Ronald Cyril Mountain.


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1989: Advertisments: Show Picture
Powell Peralta | Lance Mountain | Mount Everest Model

1989: Advertisments: Show Picture
Powell Peralta | Lance Mountain

1988: Advertisments: Show Picture
Powell Peralta | Lance Mountain | Family Crest

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1985: Skateboard Decks [16/5/2014]

1985: Skateboard Decks [16/5/2014]