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Carl Edvard Heisholdt

Carl Edvard Heisholdt is a Norwegian skateboarder.

Also known as: Carl Edvard Heisholt / Carl Edvart Heisholt / Carl E Heisholt / Carl Edvardt Heisholdt / Carl Edvart Heisholdt



Carl Edvard Heisholdt is from Norway.


1997: 01 - NORB NM Street
1999: 02 - NORB NM Senior Street
2000: 01 - NORB NM Street
2001: 03 - Rud Open Senior
2001: 05 - NORB NM Miniramp
2001: 02 - NORB NM Street Senior
2001: 04 - Bernhard Sports Invitational
2002: 02 - Bernhard Sports Invitational
2002: 01 - Stavanger Open Street Senior
2002: 04 - Etnies Cup Chells France
2002: 04 - NORB NM Miniramp Senior
2002: 04 - NORB NM Street Senior
2002: 05 - Rudboys and Girls senior
2003: 10 - NORB NM Street Senior
2003: 07 - Bernhard Sports Invitational
2003: 13 - Hamar Open
2007: 10 - NORB NM Street Senior
2007: 07 - Stavanger Open Miniramp Senior
2007: 09 - NORB NM Miniramp Senior
2010: 12 - NORB NM Senior Street


1999 - 2006: eS Footwear
2006 - 20??: Element


1996: Warriors
1998: Oslo 2 [contest part / friends part]
1998: Warriors 2
2003: Convolvo
2006: Brettkontroll
2009: Ardent Element

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2003: Advertisments: Show Picture
Genuine Skateboards | Carl Edvard Heisholdt | Nollie 180 Switch Krooks

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